How To Start a Fruit Juice Production Business in Nigeria

Natural Fruit Juice Production in Nigeria

benefits of fruit juice

Fruit juice is the result of the extraction process which includes suspension of waters, sugars, acids, vitamins, proteins, and minerals. It surpasses the mere squeezing of fruits to extract the juice at home to include the complicated processes of fruits and additives mixing, preparation, bottling, preservation, and packaging.

Fruit juice production business in Nigeria is liken to Sachet pure water production business, you can’t go wrong with it. The reason being that Nigeria is one of the highest consumers of fruit juice in the world coupled with being the biggest market in the African continent. A very good investment in fruit juice production in Nigeria will yield threefold of returns on investment within a short period of time.

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50% of the more than 150 million population consume fruit juice on daily basis. No wonder companies like Chivita, Coca Cola, UAC, Leventis Foods, and others have been thriving in the business and making billions of dollars unannounced. Government ban on importation of foreign made fruit juice into Nigeria has further doubled the profit potential in fruit juice production business in Nigeria.

Natural fruit juice normally should not contain a preservative, if processed and packaged properly. However, due to industrial and market wisdom, most fruit juices contain preservatives, even with proper processing and packaging. The essence of the preservatives is to give the fruit juice a longer shelf-life its package has been opened.  The best natural fruit juice is one taken raw without any industrial processing or packaging.

What are the things you need to start  Bottled Fruit Juice Production in Nigeria

The fruit juice production is capital intensive but worth every penny of your investment. The good news is that there is still provision to start small and explore new frontier.

Pick up the type of fruit juice you want to produce. You may choose every fruit juice drink or carbonated drink similar to La Casera. Anything quality will do for Nigeria, we just love drinks – simple but quality soft drinks.

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Your business plan should focus on the aspect or type of fruit juice you have chosen to produce. Make your business plan as detailed and thorough as possible especially if you are going to present it to financiers. Include comprehensive details about the type of fruit juice you want to produce; three-year operating expenses; three-year profit projections; marketing and public relations strategies; analysis of competing fruit juice manufacturers; information about potential vendors and selling avenues.

NAFDAC Approval is very important, you need to have this before engaging in the commercial production of any food, drugs, and beverages. Approach NAFDAC after you have successfully setup your fruit juice production plant, produce few bottles and take it to them for final approval. You must begin this process well ahead of time.

Steps in  Start  Fruit Juice Production Business In Nigeria

Here are steps to follow  if you want to start a  Fruit Juice Production Business:

Get your business Registered and Licensed

the first thing to do when starting natural fruit juice production business in Nigeria is to get registered first. To avoid any face off with the government, and to ensure standardization. You must be licensed by the appropriate Governmental regulatory agencies before you begin natural fruit juice production business in the country. These include the SON, NHIS, NAFDAC, Ministry of health, and CAC. These bodies will provide you with the necessary registration, licensing and all forms of paperwork required to operate natural fruit juice  business.

Plan how to Source For Your Raw Materials (Fruits)

This is the major requirement needed for the business. There are various fruits available to choose from and make juices. Some of the essential raw materials for making natural fruit juice includes Paw Paw, Oranges, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Mangoes, and Guava. These are grown and available in abundance in Nigeria.

You need a Good Business Plan

Drawing up a good plan is essential if you want your business to succeed. This will determine and give you an overview of your monthly expenditures as well as income ratios and and any other thing you need to know

You need modern  Fruit Juice Production Equipment and Machinery

 This may include some of the followings:

  1. A Boiler
  2. A filling machine
  3. A filter press
  4. A tank for blending
  5. A tank for washing the fruit
  6. An extractor
  7. Cutting boards
  8. Knives (stainless steel)
  9. Peeler
  10. Water Containers

Decide if you will Preserve Or Not :

If your fruit juice is freshly made and is meant for consumption immediately you may not need to use preservatives. This is typical of fruit juice made in or for immediate consumption at hotels, bars, fast food centers, shopping malls etc. However, for large quantity productions which would last for some time, there is the need to add preservatives to keep them in good condition.

Location is very important

When looking for a location to start your business, you may have to consider your nearness to raw materials as well as your nearness to your target market. These two factors will go a long way in ensuring that your business runs smoothly.You would not want transportation in and out of the factory to eat eat deep into your start up fund

Decide how to market and sales your fruit juice

This is the most important, please don’t joke with it . You  must have a budget and marketing place that will make sure that your fruit juice get to the hand of the people that will buy them from you. It could be re-seller or final consumers .

Build a brand around  your fruit juice

Because of so many fake fruit juice out there, people now drink brand not just juice. Please build a brand that people will recognize over time as a quality brand. don’t cut corners to make quick money.


Fruit Juice Production is a profitable business in Nigeria because people love to drink. But please know that the profitability does not just come .To be Profitable and Sustainable in this Business, you have to take this business seriously. Be innovative and offer excellent service to clients and customers. Additionally, strike and maintain a functional relationship with your customers, staffs, and stakeholders. Build a brand that will be loved by people. If  put all these guidelines in this article into practice, you should be able to do well in this business within a short period of time, Please remember, long time success does not come over night, you have to be patience while working

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