How To Start A Cold Room Business In Nigeria.

Would like to know how to start a cold room business in Nigeria?

Cold room business is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria SME sector. It is a business that can change your life if you invest in it.

Every day, businessmen are trying to take advantage of the need to preserve food products like seafood, poultry products and beef in the country.  they make cool cash while they meet the basic needs of most Nigerians.

You will like to make this money too. Read on to find out how to start a cold room bus business in Nigeria and make cool cash from cold room business.

How to Start a Cold Room bus in Nigeria

Some of the ways of how to start cold room business in Nigeria, we will discuss extensive.

Before choosing your cold room business niche, the most important thing is to make a cold room business plan on how to start the business and make a profit. If you really want to make it big in this business, you would have to do the following.

Make a proper market survey

How to start a cold room business in Nigeria, require you making a proper market research.

This step is a very important for the business because it help you decide on the right niche for you. You need to carry out research on the existing cold room businesses in the area you want to establish your business. You can conduct a survey by asking cold room owners and retailers who buy and sell frozen food.

While making your research, you must consider the demand for cold room service and the power supply in the area. It also makes sense to find out whether the competition is already high in the area or not.

Choose a cold room niche

Another way on how to start a cold room business in Nigeria is through choosing a cold room niche.

After carrying out a thorough market survey, you have to select a niche that is too competitive in the area. From the market survey you made, you can decide if you want to going into poultry, fish, or help people preserving their product.

Choose a site for your business

Cold room business in Nigeria, especially in cities like Lagos, Abuja, port Harcourt requires a location with access to an excellent road network. The cold room should be sited near an industrial area or market. This will make it easier to attract customers for the business.

 This business does not require much land space. You can get a 1 plot of land or even ¼ for the business. However, you should not setup the business in a residential area because you may need high power supply. You will not want to pollute the residential area with the generator’s noise or smoke.

 Procure the required equipment

How to start a cold room business in Nigeria, will require you to procure the required equipment.

Next is to get the equipment you need for the business. Here are some of the equipment you need:

  • Cold room
  • Measuring scales
  • Cutlass
  • Buckets
  • Refrigerator
  • Knifes
  • Tables
  • Cartons
  • Polythene bags
  • Bowls
  • Drum of water
  • Cutting planks
  • Packaging supplies
  • Safety equipment
  • Cooling van, and much more

Purchase an alternative power supply

Power is not amenity businesses rely upon in Nigeria.  you need to have a stand-by alternative source of power (generator) for the business. Be sure to buy a sound-proof generating set to prevent noise pollution. If you can afford a solar power equipment you can buy it too.

Register your business

Registering your business is very important in Nigeria. you need to choose a name for the business and register it with the Corporate Affair Commission.

  Getting a license may not be necessary if you are stating on a small scale. However, you will definitely need to register with the relevant state, local government authorities and other unions regulating the business in the area.

Find interested distributors and retailers

Retailers and distributors are very important if you want to be successful in your cold room business, so you need to contact them. You can contact canteens, market women, schools, fast food, hotels, shopping malls, shops, supermarkets, restaurants and so on to make product distribution faster.

Do effective marketing

Marketin helps to promote your business. Once you have your business up and running. You can explore reliable means of advertisement based on your budget. You can also leverage on social media and advertise your business. If you have enough money, you can advertise on other media platform like handbills, flyers, television and radio


Now that you have a knowledge of how to start a cold room business in Nigeria, what are you waiting?

Starting a business in Nigeria may be stressful and capital intensive. However, if you need is to follow the steps in this article, you will find it very easy to start the business. All you need is have the idea on the niche you are entering.

Take the bold step today by launching your own cold room business and start earning.

Take The Bold Step and Start up your Cold Room Business Today.


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