How To Make Money In Nigerian University

Are you a student? Or you stay close to a school? you might want to learn how you can make money in Nigerian University .

Whether you are a student or not, you will need extra sources of income as you stay in a university environment in Nigeria.

This article will show you how to make money in Nigeria university.

How to make money in Nigerian university

How to make money in Nigerian university requires you to engage in some lucrative business, that can fetch you cash, sponsor your schooling as well as reduce the burden off your parent’s shoulders. Some of this lucrative business include the following:

Here some ways on How To Make Money In Nigerian University

Photography and Organizing Social Events

One of the easiest types of business you can start in a Nigerian university in other to make money is photography. Students love to take photos especially the newbies. You can take advantage and make money by offering photoshoot service to students during matriculation and convocation. All you need is a digital camera to get started.

If you want to earn more money, you can organize social events like red carpets. When students come for the event, you can offer to take their red carpets pictures.

You can also add, passport photograph to your regular photoshoot business. This will give you additional sources of income as students need passport photos a lot.

Blogging & Graphic Design:

Another way of how to make money in Nigerian University is through blogging. Though blogging is not a get-rich-quick business, you can start little. All you need is to be focused, dedicated and have a passion for writing.

If you are confused about what to write on, you can start by blogging on university-related topics.  When you have enough content on your websites, you can start earning more from AdSense.

You can write on topics like technology, entertainment, fashion, Health, Love and Relationship, Cooking and catering, business and finance, etc.

Graphic Design

Whether you are a student or not, graphic designs can give you a lot of money. If you are very good with Corel-draw, Photoshop or other design software, this is a huge business opportunity for you.

There are always activities at Nigeria University campuses that require posters and fliers for promotion and so on.

When you do a neat job, you will realize that clients will be coming for you in and out of Campus.

Graphic design skills is another method of How To Make Money In Nigerian University.

Beauty Salon

Owning a beauty salon is one of the ways you can make money in a Nigerian university. Ladies in schools always want to look good whenever they are going out. This provides you with the opportunity to make money with your beauty-related skill.  Beauty salon service you can render include hairdressing, makeup, spa etc.

HandCraft Business

You can make money in a Nigerian university If you are naturally skilled in areas like Hairdressing, Facial Make Up, Jewelry making with beads, bags etc.

If you are not naturally skilled with this, you can learn this skill from someone. You can also subscribe to YouTube videos and learn how to make a beautiful craft.

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Computer, Printing jobs & Online registration

Another intriguing way of how to make money in Nigerian University is via Computer, printing jobs and online registration.

Students, especially freshers need assistance in some areas like Scholarship applications, School fees payment, admission regularization, course registration etc. you can charge them a little when you provide solutions for their needs.

You can also earn by offering printing service for students. All these business ideas will be good when you have a computer.

All you need is to buy a mini printer or an all-in-one printer. If you cannot afford a printer, you can discuss with someone who has one for a discount on a printing job.

One other good thing about this business is that you don’t need to own a shop; you can get the job done in your room or anywhere.

Pc and phone repair.

Phone and computer repair are one of the businesses that can earn you a lot. If you are a student, you can offer to repair your classmate’s phones at a discount. You will make a lot because networking your skill is very easy in school. You will get a lot of referrals from students that may not be your classmates.

You can also offer service like software installations, phone & pc configurations etc. if you don’t have the skill, you can spare a few months to learn one of these skills.

Organize teaching Classes & Home tutoring

If you have good knowledge of a university course in school, you can offer to teach other students especially the first-year students.

Many students want to improve and broaden their knowledge on some courses while some are struggling to pass courses. You can take advantage of this and start making money by organizing tutorial classes for students. You may choose to hold weekend classes or charge per class attended because of time management.

this business is not limited to university students alone. You can also create tutorial classes for secondary school student and staff children in your area.  Parents residing around universities and higher institutions value education a lot and are always willing to pay a good teacher to train their wards. All you need to do is to work out a timetable for your classes. Organizing teaching class is also a way of How To Make Money In Nigerian University.

Baking, Catering and Confectioneries

In Campuses, celebration and parties such as birthdays, Lodge parties, graduation, matriculation, and convocation never cease. You can put up a baking and confectioneries business such as making rolls, baking cakes, Fries, Pies, Shawarma and pizza.

You can also make Yoghurt/Ice cream, Juice drinks, Zobo, Soya Milk, Custard powders and so on. You can supply to canteens and stores in their vicinity.  If you are good in this business, you can be cooking various dishes at various events that come up around you.

Production of Soaps and Disinfectants:

Producing soaps and disinfectants can source your income if you stay around a Nigerian university.  if you have soap and disinfectant making skill you can earn a lot by making and selling liquid, powdered or bar soaps, disinfectants, air fresheners, perfumes, body lotions and so on to make money as a student.

Selling Wears

Looking good is an everyday desire for all students. So many students love the classical lifestyle and they always love to buy clothes, footwear, handbags, jewelry and other body accessories.

If you can start up this business and get these wears in bulk at a reduced price from huge suppliers. This will earn you a lot when you sell them to students in school.

Bulk SMS & Email Business Services:

How To Make Money In Nigerian University

This business involves sending SMS and emails to people in various groups, organization, fellowship and departmental associations and so on.

You can help Churches, fellowships, mosques, class representative, student politicians and so on send messages to their members.

You can also own a bulk SMS website where other users can send SMS messages by themselves while you charge them subscription fees and make your cool cash from it.

The list of how to make money in Nigerian University goes on and on. There are many opportunities you can tap from if you are close to a school.

Now that we have shown you how to make money in Nigerian University.

So, you don’t need to worry yourself much about what to do to make money in Nigerian. I believe you have learnt the numerous ways of How To Make Money In Nigerian University.

Now is the time to take advantage of every opportunity you have and start making money by engaging or learning lucrative skills that can help you earn money. You can sponsor yourself and pay your bills while in school.

Take advantage of the opportunity and make money even while schooling.

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