How To Start a Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Would you like to know how to start a car wash business in Nigeria to earn a living?

Are you thinking of investing in a business in Nigeria? why not try start a carwash business. Car wash business is one of the most profitable businesses to start considering the increase in the number of car users in Nigeria.

All you need is an idea and a good guide to set the business up.  I will help you with the steps on how you can start your car wash business in Nigeria and make cool money from it. read on to find out.

How To Start a Car Wash Business In Nigeria

Now lets identify how to start a car wash business in Nigeria

Manage your finance

How to start a car wash business in Nigeria requires managing your finance. Make sure you know how to raise money for your business. To small-scale one, sparing a budget around N200,000 to N500,000 from your own savings might be sufficient for initial operation. However, the capital must be many times higher for large-scale car washing services. In that case, you may need to call upon the investment from other partners with strategic business plan for annual revenue. Always remember: failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Research the market

It is very important to research the market of any new business you are going into. Try and check other cash washing business and see how it is being set up. Check the equipment they use the, the number of customers visiting them and their marketing strategy. Learn from their both success and failure in the business.

You will need to survey what customers like and the carwash service that irritates them. when you find this, you have made a huge step to starting your own carwash business.

Pick a location

The location of you choose can determine your success in the business. You must consider the customer while you are selecting a location.

Your best choice should be where there is a huge vehicular movement or a busy street. If you are very lucky, you can locate a popular filling station willing to give some space for hire. You may get your first customers from the transporters patronizing the filling stations.

Get approved by authorities

Though you can start a carwash business without getting any license from the government. But to be on a safer side, it is better you prepare all your business documents, so you can provide answers at any time.

Prepare the borehole or a well

One of the most important resources you need for this business is water. Without water you may not be able to wash at all. So, you need to find a good source of water near you or you prepare a well or bore hole. The water must be sustainable regardless of the weather condition or power supply.

In addition to that, try and ensure the water is clean and free of odor. Customers may freak out if they see you wash with a dirty water.

Buy other essentials

To start your carwash business, there are some items you can’t miss. These are

Overhead tanks to store water in scarcity

Generator to power the equipment and lightings

Detergents that are friendly to the car painting layer

Buckets, brushes, mop and towels or car washing machine if affordable

There might be some more to meet specific demands of customers but above are the least things needed for initial stage.

Car wash business plan

Once you have gotten your ideas ready, you will need a business plan before setting up the business. This should be easy if you have a business background or experiences in the field. On the other hand, you can take a look at some feasibility study or available plans online from those running car wash services. Most plans work for large-scale business while small-scale one is much easier to operate.

Take The Bold Step and Start up your Car Wash Business Today.

Cost of starting a car wash in Nigeria

Now that you have a knowledge of how to start up a car wash business in Nigeria, let’s examine the cost of car wash business.

Car wash business cost varies in different types of business. A modest shop just requires around N200,000 to N500,000 to operate in the beginning.

If you want more success from the first days, you pay a lot for business strategy consultancy, modern equipment, personnel training or even buying an already established car wash business. These will be very hard for us to estimate. However, you can check on our estimation and have an idea of the cost of the business.

Car wash machine

There are a wide range of car wash machine you can get. You can get the manually operated ones or the automatic ones depending your financial capabilities. The quality also differs due to the distinctive technology of each.

You should identify type of business, target customer and financial status to pick a reasonable investment for washing machine, then search straightly on the Internet for suitable equipment.


Starting a business is not easy however a car wash business is quite simple to set up. with the help of this article, you should be able to set your business up. All you need is to be hardworking when you serve our customers.

Take The Bold Step and Start up your Car Wash Business Today.


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