Edit Your Videos With Ease With AI Video Editing Tool – Invideo

Ready to say bye-bye to tedious video editing? With InVideo AI, you can instantly create publish-ready videos with simple Text Prompts!

Unlike other AI tools that take you from text to image or clip, InVideo AI takes you all the way from an IDEA to a VIDEO, ready to be taken to the world.

 In the world of video editing, InVideo is the go-to platform, with over 3 million monthly visits. It’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) video creation platform that empowers users to bring their ideas to life in real-time.

With its AI-powered tools and features, InVideo makes it easy to create professional-quality videos without any prior editing experience.

InVideo AI can turn any idea into video instantly. No more script writing and converting text to video. All you need is a simple prompt idea or content to generate a complete video (b-roll, voiceover, transition, and content).

Whether it be a YouTube Shorts or a regular-length video, inVideo AI makes it possible without much or any human intervention to create the video from one line of text.

InVideo’s strength lies in its vast collection of resources. It offers over 4,000 custom-built templates and more than 1 million royalty-free images and video clips. This makes it easy for users to create videos that stand out and capture their audience’s attention.

InVideo’s AI-powered platform provides a variety of tools to help users edit their videos efficiently. It includes features such as text-to-speech, automated voiceovers, and an extensive library of music tracks to choose from.

The platform also allows users to add animations, transitions, and special effects to their videos, giving them a polished and professional look. InVideo’s drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to add and edit video clips, text, and images, making the video creation process straightforward and intuitive.

InVideo’s user-friendly platform is accessible from anywhere, making it ideal for remote teams and businesses. The platform’s collaborative features enable multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously, making it easy to share ideas and get feedback in real-time.

How to Get Started

1. Create a free account

inVideo is free to try without a credit card. Just visit inVideo AI and sign up for an account. You may see two slightly different landing pages. As long as you make sure the logo says invideo AI, you can be sure that you’ve arrived at the right place.

2. Input an idea

To be clear, this isn’t a technical prompt. inVideo AI literally just needs a topic, an idea, and any prepared content you have to create a video. The character limit is 3000. With that said, the more specific instructions you can provide to inVideo AI, the higher quality video you will receive in the end.

3. Generate a Video

Once you are done inputting your idea, it’s time to generate your video. Just hit “Generate a Video”, inVideo AI will begin the process.

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