How To Turn Facebook Friends To Customers In Nigeria

If you want more customers for your business in Nigeria, which i know you do,  facebook can be a constant source of new customers each month if you really know how to go about it

How can you How To Turn Facebook Friends To Customers In Nigeria? The lifeline of any business is getting and retaining customers. Whether you are selling a product or service, using Facebook is a no-brainer. If you learn how to use Facebook to get more customers, you would spend and have a greater return on investment.

Facebook is free, so why not get the best out of it and use it to grow your business in Nigeria. All those thousands of friends you have on facebook, what are you benefiting from them,

This article will show you How To Turn Facebook Friends To Customers In Nigeria

Turn Facebook Friends To Customers In Nigeria

Facebook is the largest social media platform for a while and so it shall remain unless there is an uprising somewhere, but presently it has the power to direct people and influence decisions.

From the original motive of its foundation being a social platform, it has moved on to become a playing ground for business activities over the years.

A lot of people spend their times to benefit the social aspect while others smile at their bank account base on their activities on the platform. There’s no condemnation for any party, it is just a matter of what you want to achieve with this influential tool that matters and you can achieve both social and money goal, it depends on what you want.

There are lot of opportunities opening daily on the Zuckerberg’s initiative, business people has moved their activities online, because it is obvious that that’s where customers spend 70% of their times.
Not just those who market physical products even producers of informational products such as coaches, writers, digital marketers etc. are not left behind.

In this post I’ll be sharing with you how you can turn your Facebook friends to potential customers and you will rake in thousands and millions. This is a list of what I have done that gave me result (even though I have not make a million, but I believe with the thousands I’ve made, it’s just a matter of time before I join the millionaire gang), as I said it’s a list and it is not endless, I’m open to more.

Facebook allows you to exhibit your products and crafts, however, it must be done in the right way if not, you will be shooting blank, also with the advertising options it means you and your product can go viral in few seconds with just a click.

The important task in marketing is getting a list of customers to make buying decisions but over the time marketing has taken a new shape from production concept to marketing concept and customer relationship is the order of the day.

Activities online focus on getting customers, maintaining them and getting new customers.

Getting a new customer can be quite challenging, it may require the marketer to offer an ethical bribe, for instance, coaches often tell people to opt in for a free course or lead magnet in order to sell to them, however you can do it with Facebook without people knowing you want to sell to them.

👉Your Facebook Name:

Like I said in the opening lines, it is a social media platform, just to connect with people, so you can choose to use any name, so far it’s what you are known by but if you really want to do business, I mean if you really care about your brand, then you should use a befitting name. Name that will promote what you do, name that really represents your identity.

It may not be your real name but must be genuine that people can easily relate with. For instance, the name of my brand is Israel Godwin, and people can easily relate to what I do, I don’t know what would have happened if I had use something like “Itz mhizter Frosh Izrel” although I don’t have any problem with people who do such, I only use myself as an example because of what I do, so your Facebook name is your identity, tweak it to reflect who you are and what you do.

👉Your Profile Picture.

This is another important part that needs serious attention, as a social mogul you can use any picture as your profile picture but as a brand or someone who wants to wield influence then a proper picture is needed. Think of the Facebook profile as your identity card, would you put a group picture there?

Would you submit an artist or celebrity picture in your national identity card?

facebook mark Zuckerberg

So it has to be you, your own picture and not just anyhow picture, a well balanced picture that covers your head to somehow your chest, not necessarily a full picture.

Note this: social media is about perception, people will only do business with you base on what they think of you online, so it is expected that present yourself well to attract people even in your absence.

👉Your Cover Picture

Just like the profile picture except that it may be a picture of your products, or your recent achievement, an upcoming product or event that you’ll partake.

facebook cover picture

Both profile picture and cover picture must be taken with a digital camera except you have an equal device.

👉About You.

This is your short brand message, make it lucid and concise and it will help you Turn Facebook Friends To Customers In Nigeria

👉Your Tag Settings.

We have lot of friends and they want us to be involved in everything they do online but if you’re not careful it may deny you a chance, your friends will tag you to many things online, from comedy, lifestyle, movie, news to many things not related to what you do but to avoid that, you can change your tag settings to allow only things you want to appear on your timeline, your timeline should not be a dumping place.

👉Valuable Content/Status and Comments:

I don’t need to talk much on content, because that’s the whole essence of what we do online but I’ll submit by saying you should upload valuable and relevant content for people to engage. Content may be inform of audio, text, video and picture, make it valuable and if you can’t, you can hire professionals to do it on your behalf.

The comments you leave on other people’s update can promote your value online, so you have to be mindful on what you say to others.

I write this post because a new customer of mine told me it was my Facebook profile that made him fall in love with me.

Written by Israel Godwin   

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