Are you a budding entrepreneur or a business enthusiast looking for areas you can invest your money? why not start a tiles business.

Floor tile business is one the best business venture on the planet. This is because people need the product to decorate their houses. Also, floor tile business is a very demanding, yet fruitful business.

Tiles business in Nigeria is a business focused on the construction and building section of the economy. It entails the beautification of a house or building floors and even walls with beautiful tiles.

Tiles in a house actually brings out more beauty apart from the painting. It’s a way of finishing a beautiful work started on a house.

Now looking at the business, you would ask how lucrative is this business? But if you would like to believe, this business is very lucrative because people never stop building houses, structures or offices, so there is always a need to bring out beauty in your structure.

So as they build, there would be need for tiles or the purchase of tiles for building a structure.

So if you are going into this business, bear in mind that you would surely make profits and within years you would be a major supplier or distributor of tiles to those who need it.


There are a lot of opportunities in this business; you could be a seller, distributor or supplier. Depending on what you need. But you have to start from somewhere that is a fact.

The main thing is to get yourself situated and set in place for your business.

Now, who are you going into this business for? Who will need your services? You may ask who will need your services, who will buy from you, a lot of people will want to buy from you, and you just have to set yourself in.

A new office

A new business venture

Any structure that is meant for business

And structure which people will be in it for one business or the other

This entire people will require your services to complete their buildings.

Individuals who want to build their own house

 If you put in the right procedures and have a good plan, within a year you should be seeing profits.


Steps to Start A Tiles Business in Nigeria

Develop a business Plan:

A business plan will serve as a map for you and a compass to guide you and help you know when you are on the right track, if you are making progress, if there is room for change, etc.

 It should also entail how you wish to source for funds for your business and also it should bear your future forecast for the business, this would help you align yourself.

Learn from someone:

This business entails a lot, so you being a novice cannot go into the business without some help, guidance or mentorship in the business.

Even if you get someone that knows the business in and out, you have to know it very well before venturing.

 And your mentor or someone you learn under could connect you or help you with a little boost on your business.

Prepare to get your Store and Equip it:

Getting your store would not be that hard, you do not need a lot of beautification for a store to sell tiles, what you really need is a display section, in and outside the store.

Though you would need to make your store/office comfortable for customers to feel relaxed when they come to you. Chairs and tables will be needed alongside display shelves

Getting your raw Materials:

Getting your raw materials is another step to take, you may get from a supplier or distributor or you can go directly to the manufacturing company and book for your supply, this would enable you get the tiles at a cheaper rate in bulk, as this is the best in terms of managing cost of your business.

Best Location:

You should choose a place close to a developing area which you know there would be lots of building work taking place and also a place close to the roadside where people can easily access your store/office.

Sourcing for funds

To start a tiles business, you would need finance to start. You could be saving towards this business from your salary or you could apply for a loan, it is best to apply for a long term loan which will you allow you pay back easily without pressure.

Business registration:

Every business has a body which they are under, they have associations.

 Before you go into the business, you have to find out the relevant bodies in charge of the business within that area and get registered to avoid any future disturbances when you start.

Marketing Tips:

You should know that to get your business moving, you need customers, and these customers will not just come willingly, you have to attract them.

 First of all, you need to get your business card which you could give out to individuals you meet so that they can contact you.

Work together with people in your line of work, building contractors, site managers, painters and even laborers and Tilers (One who lays tiles), they can help you connect you to major works.

Also have a display signpost for your business, so everyone can locate you.

Look towards getting customers that are far from your location, this would broaden your market and sales and help towards expansion.

By the time you will start this business, you may have to start on your own so you can monitor the business closely, it is better you understand your business closely before handing it over to someone else to manage for you, when it has gone to a reasonable growth stage, then you can employ a shop assistant to help you stay in the shop.

As the business grows, you may need more hands for this business.

Additional Tips

The best way you can go about this is by meeting people, creating a cordial relationship with people; make them feel comfortable with your business so they can run to you anytime for what they need.

 Then have plans in future for expansion as this shows growth and creates more responsibility for you.

Advertisement is key, do not ignore adverts, both on radio, television, flyers, handbills, posters, they are all essential in promoting your business, without promotion, you are bound to stand at a standstill which is not good for business.


If you are looking for a stable business which would help you sustain yourself, income, aid your retirement years or add some more income to your salary, I’ll advise you go into Tiles business and also try to follow this steps as they would guide you.

Do not believe it is a get rich quick scheme, it is a business that takes time to build but when built, it is stable and sufficient.

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