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Artificial intelligence is being integrated into many aspects of the creative world. With the use of AI writing assistants, writers can brainstorm quicker than ever before.

Canva AI -Canva AI Text to Image

It can even create a whole new world for your next fantasy book. Beyond that, AI can create art from a simple request—something that Canva has adopted into its vast design platform

What Is Text to Image on Canva?

A text-to-image model is a machine learning model which takes an input natural language description and produces an image matching that description.

In March 2023, Canva upgraded its Text to Image feature to allow for more options for designers, and it’s proven to be a dynamic element for the platform.

Text to Image is Canva’s AI feature that provides designers with a way to create any picture they can imagine. All you have to do is describe in writing what kind of image you’re looking for, pick your style, choose your layout, and it will generate a few options to choose from. The AI takes your description into consideration to produce the design, so your options are truly limitless. If you need a picture of a wolf with mountains and trees in the background for your next Canva-designed flyer, all you have to do is ask.

How to Use Canva’s Text to Image on the Web

From Canva’s main page, either choose a specific project to work on by searching for it or input custom dimensions. After this, you’ll be brought to Canva’s Editor page.

Open the Apps tab located on the left toolbar. If you don’t see the Text to Image feature immediately, you can always search for it in the search bar at the top. Once you click on the icon, the feature will open. Describe what kind of image you need for your project. Remember, the more descriptive you are, the better the results will be.

From there, you’ll want to select what Style you want to use, if any, and what Aspect Ratio you’ll need the image in. Then click Create Your Image. It’ll take a couple of seconds for the AI to generate four images to choose from. If you want to use one of the images, select it and it will appear on the canvas ready to be integrated into your design.

If for any reason you don’t like the images Text to Image created, simply click Create Again. If you’re looking for something different in context or style, click Go Back.

Additionally, if you want to alter the image a bit, you do have the option of using Canva’s AI Magic Edit tool.

How to Use Canva’s Text to Image on the Mobile App

To find Text to Image on Canva’s mobile app, open a design with the + plus sign icon. The mobile Editor page will open. At the bottom, scroll until you see the Apps icon—click on it. Like in the web browser, you can search for Text to Image. When you open the feature, it will work exactly the same way as on a computer.

With Text to Image, you can turn your imagination into reality. The AI-powered tool can create professional photos, 3D images, drawings, and more. You no longer have to rely on stock photos that don’t quite capture the essence of what you’re trying to convey.

You can create something that is uniquely yours, and perfectly tailored to your needs.

The best part is that you don’t need any design skills to use Canva’s AI Text to Image. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and the AI algorithm takes care of the rest. This means that you can create professional-quality images even if you’re not a designer.

Canva AI : Canva AI Text to Image

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