Starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria could be the answer to your problems. It is a business that is currently thriving as a result of the increasing demands of the product across the country.

 If you are interested in starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria, you have to understand what it takes to start one.

I should state an obvious fact here; the fast food industry which pizza belongs to is fast growing.

The major reason is that the twenty-first-century household forgives the inability to cook at home because the husband and wife have to work.

Well, that is the story of another day and another place. Here, I’m more interested in the fact this gap has created a business opportunity.

 It should interest you to know that people have embraced this opportunity and the industry is really doing well.

As far as starting a pizza delivery business is concerned, the flamboyant nature of the business has made it appealing.

Every girl wants to eat pizza and boyfriends and husbands are supposed to impress. You know the story right?

What I have tried to do is to tell you that there is a market for starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria.

This business entails that you take orders from clients through telephones or through the internet and you deliver to them. The business is relatively easy to start.

Pizzas come in different sizes, types, and toppings. When clients order for pizza, they specify the type, size, and toppings they want. Some of the toppings are pepperoni, sausage, cheese, etc.

The business is very lucrative and you should, in all honesty, consider trying it.

The tips below will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria. it helps you make up your mind. Happy reading.

How to start a pizza delivery business in Nigeria

Tips On Starting A Pizza Delivery Business In Nigeria

How to get Pizza: Franchise or start-up?

The primary thing to consider when starting your pizza delivery business is how you will be getting your pizza. You can either decide to obtain a franchise of an already existing pizza business or start making your own pizza by yourself.

The truth is that purchasing a franchise will give your business the right standing especially when you are partnering with a known pizza company.

It makes it easier to get customers. Alternatively, you can start from the scratch. Here you make and deliver your own pizzas and with time you build a brand.


Location and area of coverage

Starting a pizza delivery business in Nigeria involves covering a particular environment and location. You cannot operate in a vacuum and you cannot definitely cover the whole country.

You have to locate it your business in a central place so that it can be discovered and faster to deliver.

More so, you should factor in the fact that people could walk in and take what they want.

 This is because apart from the delivery, you can turn your pizza kitchen into a mini restaurant where people can come in and relax.

If you don’t have any property you can use when starting a pizza delivery business, you can partner with a restaurant that does not sell pizzas and use their kitchen. You have to give a certain amount of your profit though.


Ordering methods

When starting a pizza delivery business, you have to factor in how you want people to order your pizza.

The two most common means of ordering pizza is through telephones or through the internet. If you need to use the internet, you have to open a website through which people can order.

The Delivery method

When people have ordered pizza, you have to deliver to them.

 Therefore, you have to find a way to deliver to them. You have to consider the use of cars or vans, motorcycle or bicycle.

 The most important thing is to have a means of mobility so as to deliver on time.

Pizza delivery technology

When starting a pizza delivery business, you have to consider the techniques and items used for packaging and preserving pizzas for delivery to customers.

 Here, you would need to make pizza boxes. The pizza boxes are boxes made of cardboard that is used to package pizza for delivery.

These boxes are designed in such a way to keep the pizza fresh and prevent the oil from leaking.

 You would, in addition, need a pizza delivery bag. This bag helps in retaining heat so that the pizza doesn’t get cold before you get to your destination. Pizza bags are also known as hot bags.


Payment methods

You should prepare for all kinds of payment methods when starting a pizza delivery business.

You could be paid cash, you could be paid with a debit card using the POS you provide or the money could just be wired to your account through mobile transfers. Be prepared for all eventualities.

Getting Assistance

As easy as the business may sound, it is a very technical one. Look at the things you need to do; make pizza, pick calls or get orders from the internet, drive to deliver orders and so many other things that will be required of you.

The implication is that one person cannot run the business effectively. As a result of that, you have to get assistance. You will need to employ one or two people to help in the business.


You may also consider adding other complementary products that can be taken alongside the pizza like drinks and fruit juice.

This would increase your profit and give your client the satisfaction of ordering all their meals in one place.

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