Do you want to learn how TO START A BARBING SALON BUSINESS IN NIGERIA? Then you are in the right place. this article will show you practical ways you can start a profitable barbing Salon business in Nigeria.

In a country like ours where most men visit the salon at least twice a week to either cut or shave their hair, you need not be told how profitable barbing salon business is profitable in Nigeria.

However, a lot of people are not aware of this. They tend to assume that the business is not profitable enough because it is not the loud kind of business.

Be that as it may, it is important to note that barbing salon business can be very lucrative, especially when it is properly managed. And interestingly, it cost very little to keep the business running.

But before we begin to dive deep into the main lesson I’ll start from basics because of people who might be finding some terms confusing or difficult to understand due to grammatical differences.

What is a barbing salon?

In Nigeria, a barbing salon is basically a shop people visit to get haircuts; other services may include hair treatment, dying, dreading and other beauty-related services.

Many barbershops in Nigeria render all the aforementioned services, so that explains why Nigerians prefer to call it a barbing salon.

So, if you’re more familiar with the American English, Barbing Salon = Barbershop

Barbing salon kits, tools & equipment:

Every business requires certain kits, tools and equipment to be run effectively, so does a barbing salon. However, you can do without some of those appliances and kits, while some of them are extremely important and can’t be overlooked.

To run an effective barbing salon business, you need the following kits, tools & appliances:

  • Standard rotatable barber chairs
  • Quality Clippers
  • Standby Generator
  • Sterilizers
  • Standing fans, ceiling fans, and/or Air Conditioners
  • Cover Clothes
  • Wall mirrors
  • Cosmetics (Hair creams, sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, facial powders, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous tools (combs, scissors, blades, tissue papers, etc.)
  • Towels & towel warmer
  • Entertainment system
  • Waiting-chairs
  • Lightning, wiring & power sockets
  • Furniture (decorations, cupboard, tables, etc.)
  • Barbing salon pictures & wallpapers, etc.

Here are the things you should know if you wish to start a barbing salon business


1. Get a shop in a good location

Unarguably, location can be said to be everything when it comes to businesses like this because your barbing salon needs to be in a place where it can easily be accessed.

Your shop should be located on a busy road or a place where people can easily notice, because the more strategic the location, the more customers you’re able to pull in daily.

Preferably, residential areas should be considered as people tend to visit the saloon before or after work and especially during the weekends.

2. Furnish your shop

Furnishing a barbing salon is not really much of a big deal. It is quite simple and cost-effective.

All that is required is a good and comfortable revolving chair where your customers will sit on while their hair is being cut.


In addition, you will need other chairs where your waiting customers can seat. And a table cabinet for barbing equipment like clippers, scissors, towels etc.

A good local carpenter can help you fix the table cabinet and chair at an affordable price.

3. Give your barbing salon an epic name

Branding plays an important role in the success of any business; that’s why you must choose an epic and memorable name for your barbing salon.

A name that’s interesting, intriguing and easy to remember.

I believe some of the barbershops you can recall now have easy-to-remember names. If they didn’t you’d have found it difficult to recall their names.

Another reason you need to give your business an epic name is that it’ll have a greater chance of spreading fast within your community and it’ll be very easy for people to describe your barbing salon to others.

4. Employ quality barbers

This depends on how you plan to run your business. Do you want to be the one working there, or you want to employ barbers that will work for you and give you daily or weekly return

Whichever it is, you must be ready to deliver the best quality services to customers that come to your shop.

If you’re the one that will be in charge of your barbershop, then you must learn all how to barb. In fact, you must be an expert barber.

If you’re not an expert barber, I’d advise you to stay clear of your business and learn for a while from another person.

The reason is, a new business must deliver only the best services. If not, you’ll lose customers even before you make them.

On the other hand, if you’ll be making use of the services of other barbers that will give you daily or weekly returns, then those barbers must possess all the qualities necessary to grow a new shop.

Don’t entrust your new shop to the hands of a learner. If you do, your business will be on the road to failure.

5. Get a license

Make inquiries about what license you need to get for your business as applied to your location. This will help you avoid any form of embarrassment from government or union officials.

5. Create awareness around your location

What do you do before and after you launch a new business? Do you just sit in your shop waiting for luck?

If you want to succeed at your barbing salon business, then you must create an early awareness immediately you launch your business.

Here are ways you can create awareness for your new business:

  • Banners & Posters
  • Fliers
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Advertisement (Local radio or TV station)
  • Social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Creating awareness is not limited to the options above. Just find out what’s convenient and easy for you.


6. Make good early impressions

In the barbing salon business, the first impression matters a lot. Bad news spread faster than good news. So, if you want to succeed in your business, don’t give the community any bad news about your business, especially not within the first few weeks.

When people visit your shop, give them the best treatment possible. Be friendly and polite to customers; and above all, give them the best haircut possible.


Be reminded that you don’t have to be a professional barber to own a barbing salon. In fact, most of the well-to-do barbing salons are owned by those who know nothing about the art.

If you desire to invest in the business, look for a trusted barber that can link you up with two others. Negotiate with them how you want the place to be run. And ensure you all agree with your conclusions.

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