You stepped out of home to apply for a job and then you see a young man in an SUV. Suddenly the voice kick in, what job will I get to own a car like this?


Still carried away with the scene and question, you decided to go back home discouraged.

Because your mind has done a good calculation of how the job you have targeted to apply for can’t afford to pay you a Range Rover Acquisition Salary.


Right now, I can assure you that your future is looking at you, wondering which garri you soaked?

You want to be a celebrity actor and you stepped out to a movie location, seeing the lead star actor in glamour and style, surrounded by admirers.

Still lost in thoughts and comparing how cheaply dressed you are and how you look less attractive. So you decided to hate yourself and go home in pain, anger and jealousy. Because you wish to be like the actor.

Your future is looking at you, wondering which which pampers you were wrapped in as a baby?

You just started your business, probably in your first or second year, seeing Chief Emeka Olusegun Aliyu who is launching his 12th business branch after 10 years, driving with his family to thanksgiving for completing his mansion in Lekki. Looking at yourself, comparing yourself to him, you got vexed and decided not to attend his thanksgiving after party. Because you wish to be in his shoes.


Your future is looking at you, wondering what milk you took as a baby?


We find ourselves in situations where we compare ourselves with those we see as successful.

We get pained by our current growth level and wish to be in their shoes

We want their type of respect, family, cars, properties, fame, that we fail to realise that it is theirs and they worked for it.

It is theirs and they are paying the price.

It is their shoe and only them know where it bites.

We fail to realize that we have our own respect to claim, life to live, properties to own, family to build, cars to own and drive.

You have your own accolades to claim and I have mine.

We should not be intimidated by other people’s success, but rather celebrate with them and get encouraged to build ours.

If you want an SUV salary purchasing – job, you should acquire an SUV salary purchasing – career, build an SUV salary purchasing – network and apply to an SUV salary purchasing – firm.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, celebrity actor, software and web developer, digital marketer, influencer, politician, accountant, industrialist, photographer, motivational speaker, etc;

You need to build the necessary skillset required.

You need to acquire the experience.

You need to put in the needed time.

You need to be at the right place at the right time for your career.

In simple terms, it isn’t magic.

Your future will look at you with disappointment when you look down on yourself and loose confidence in your ability to build your own success and happiness.

We all can perform the same magic to succeed because we are all born winners from surviving the race of conception.

Majority of those ahead of you, started like you. Your concern should not be only focus on wishing to be like them, but greatly on how to achieve.

Let’s go and make our future proud.

Our future is waiting.

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