Don’t get weighed down by challenges. Follow your dreams!

I observed something recently. It is almost as if when you set a goal for yourself, the forces of this world will come to try your patience to see if you really believe in your dreams.

Follow your dreams

While trying to deliver on my book project – The Competent Entrepreneur: How to hack your way to competence through quality training at low or no cost – I experienced several challenges.

Challenges are part of life and we should always find ways to overcome them. Like a friend of mine (Alex Iheanacho) says, no excuse is good enough.

First, PHCN took away access to electricity for weeks because they had squabbles with the community representatives in my location.

Well, that is life, so I took it in good faith and continued to work with my generator and laptop power bank. Several days to launch, my power bank became faulty. That was a big blow as I had to depend primarily on my generator and of course this means increased power cost.

I had attended some webinars on how to become an author and also got a book titled “Book Launch” by Chandler Bolt. This gave me inspiration on how to write my book so I sort of started afresh.

After that episode, my laptop’s monitor developed a fault and I could not access my manuscript. That was another setback that I wasn’t pleased with. I had wanted to make a backup the previous night but decided to postpone it till the next day. The reason why it was painful was because I had started the book afresh after attending some training on how to become an author. Hence, I only had a backup of the old manuscript while the new one was locked up on the faulty laptop.

Well, I encouraged myself in the Lord, got started on my backup PC and tried to do some work. Fortunately for me, I was able to access the new manuscript via a sharp-sharp method. My husband and I removed the hard drive from the faulty laptop and converted it to an external hard drive. With that, I was able to get my write-up later that night. Yata!

Guess what? After laptop palava, my generator got faulty. Na wa o. Na only me waka come? Lol. Anyway, I give God thanks because I was able to get the generator fixed and PHCN repented of their sins. They finally brought it on Saturday after several negotiations between PHCN and the community representatives. .

My power bank is yet to be repaired but I plan on fixing it pretty soon. It is very necessary as the laptop power bank helps me to enjoy hours of power supply even when electricity is not available.

In everything, do not give up or lose hope in your dreams. Go for them because they are valid. Challenges may come up but you will overcome if you do not give up.

Catherine Mayokun Egwali
Catherine Mayokun Egwali

Wish you success always.

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