It’s not where you start that matters. But you must start

The above topic caught our attention , the truth of the matter is It’s not where you start that matters. But you must start. starting is the most important part of any  any you want to achieve . t may not be rosy in the  beginning   but over some time people will notice what you are doing and you will be on fire

listen to Robert Kiyosaki

Literally everyday people ask my opinion on the economy, or for investing strategies, or how they can obtain wealth.

The truth? It wasn’t always this way. For many years, people either didn’t like what I had to say or didn’t care.

Twenty years ago, when I wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad I was met with great opposition and told I didn’t know what I was talking about. It seemed as though very few people wanted to hear my opinions about money or anything else back then.

Today, people see my success and think it’s always been that way. The reality is, I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I had rejections. I had doubters and I had doubts. I even had my share of mistakes and failures. However, I committed myself to never stop learning and continuing to apply the lessons I learned from my rich dad.

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