Personal growth: 7 Ways To Invest In Yourself for success

It’s time to Invest In Yourself for success, the key to life and satisfaction is constant progress, the day you stop progressing will be the day you stop living, stop having a purpose.

Time is limited and passes quickly, there is nothing you can do to stop the countdown that runs constantly, however, you can get more out of your existence if you use this resource wisely.

Personal growth 7 Ways To Invest In Yourself for success

Here are the 7 ways to invest in yourself for success.

1.Exercise and eat smart

If there is something that is equally valuable than time, it is health.

In addition to enjoying good health can give you more time, the time you spend feeling good and healthy you will enjoy more.

Good health will also increase your performance in general, and, therefore,

the activities that you can do totally focused day after day, which will give you a great advantage over others to achieve success more efficiently in what you propose.

Contrary to the mentality of today’s medicine, the best way to solve most diseases is not through the development and implementation of new drugs, but through a good diet, an adequate body composition, and constant movement or exercise.

The simple act of routine weight training has the potential to improve many aspects of an individual’s health. However, the nutrition you supply your body with is more important.

Use whole and minimally processed foods to really nourish you most of the time (80%), and leave those tastes that you know are not so good for special occasions (20%), your body will thank you.

Build on this guide to make your eating plan based primarily on whole foods (real food).

2.Master a hobby that you are passionate about

Are there hobbies that you are passionate about?

Are you curious to learn to play an instrument or practice a sport?

Besides the fact that these hobbies will stimulate your brain, your body, and your creativity, they are incredible catalysts of stress.

Stop putting off those piano lessons, those chess sessions, that tennis training. Spend at least 2 hours a week on that hobby that you want to practice so much.

If you want to do it, do it .

Also, who knows, you might be good enough to make it your career or monetize it in some way. Just start and be consistent.

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3.Learn at least one new language

The world is getting closer and closer. There are multinational companies and foreign clients in every corner of the planet.

Learning a new language will give you the tools to communicate with a greater number of people.

I am one of those who believe that we should all know how to speak at least English and Spanish since, after Mandarin, they are the most widely used languages.

If you are reading this it is obvious that you already know how to read the Spanish language.

Make it your goal to learn the English language. From there you can learn more languages ​​if it is among your plans, the more the better.

My recommendation to learn English before any other language is for the following reasons:

It is the global language. It is the standard language between individuals from different countries, even in cases in which neither of the interlocutors has English as their mother tongue.

The best information (of the best quality and most up-to-date) in many cases can only be found in this language. In fact, several books that I have found very good ( Linchpin for example) are only available in the English language.

Most of the international companies request a vast knowledge of this language to even be taken as a candidate for some important position.

It is a relatively easy language to learn compared to other languages ​​such as German, French, Italian, and even Spanish.

In case of owning a business, being able to communicate with international clients or suppliers will give you many more options to acquire and sell products and/or services.

You can use free apps like Memrise, or Duolingo to start learning right now.

4.Read daily

Knowledge sharing through literature dates back to ancient times and is still around for a reason.

All the knowledge acquired by an individual or a group of people reflected on paper, and available all the time to be absorbed by whoever wants it.

In recent decades, a much easier and more efficient way of sharing knowledge around the planet has appeared. The Internet.

The internet has opened an immense world of opportunities for us. You can learn whatever you want without having direct contact with the source of the information.

Be it self-help books, autobiographies, blogs, or websites. Read daily, especially about things that you can put into practice in your life to improve it in some way.

5.Invest in your appearance

Although many people may tell you otherwise, your appearance and the way you interact with other people are very important things.

Wearing an appearance according to your goals and dependent on the situation will give you an advantage over your close colleagues, and will make you stand out instantly, especially among people you meet for the first time.

These are the best and easiest ways to invest in your appearance:

Haircut: A haircut that flatters your facial features will maximize the aesthetic appearance of your face.

Clothing: A good style of dress is one of the best ways to convey what your life is about and in what areas you develop most frequently.

Physical: Exercising constantly and eating a diet according to your goals ( lose fat , gain muscle mass ) will guide you towards reaching your best body.

Grooming: Bathing well, keeping a beard outlined (if you have one), wearing a fragrance, combing your hair, etc. As long as you stick to the basics you’ll be on the safe side, you don’t have to become a “metrosexual”, just keep yourself looking clean and neat (let it show you love yourself).

6.Develop your social circle

Whether it is to meet new women, or simply expand your group of friends, developing your social circle will connect you strongly with the world around you.

The more people you meet, the greater your chances of creating alliances, making deals/business exchanges, meeting interesting women, having satisfying conversations regularly, and much more.

You don’t need to be a master of social relationships and persuasion (although related knowledge can certainly help you), just talk to more people, and focus on making the conversation more about them (their likes, goals, hobbies, career, etc.) and not from you.

All people are more interested in talking about themselves than about others, take advantage of this. Also, if you keep talking about yourself, it will be almost impossible for you to learn something from the person in front of you.


Whether through meditation, or just taking a long walk, disconnect from time to time, isolate yourself from the rest of the world, and enjoy your own company.

If meditating seems like a waste of time, or you just can’t get into a state of complete silence so easily, use your disconnection time to set goals, evaluate the progress of the ones you have already set, or simply enjoy the world that you have. surrounds (being in nature helps with the latter).

Disconnecting from time to time will help you in some way reset your mentality and/or plan your life strategy. Either way, it is a way of interacting with your own presence and getting to know yourself more.

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