Best Training School To Learn Accounting Software In Abuja, Nigeria

I know you will be glad to know the best training school to learn Accounting Software in Abuja, Nigeria

There are lot of accounting software training school in cities like Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. But which one of them is the best among them? This article will help you identify the best training school to learn accounting software in Abuja, Nigeria.

What is accounting software?

This is software used by accountants and bookkeepers to record and report the financial transactions of an organization. There is a lot of accounting software out there; each one of them differs from the other by its functionality. Accounting software can record sales, create invoice and take financial records depending on an organization program.

Example of accounting software includes sage, Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite ERP and many more.

Why learn accounting software in Nigeria?

Increase usage of accounting software

As technology advances, A lot of organizations in Nigeria especially stores are looking for better ways to manage their transaction. Accounting software like QuickBooks has become their saving grace in managing sales and creating invoices.

Increasing demand for professionals who can use the software

Due to the increasing usage of accounting software, supermarket now wants people who are proficient handling in the accounting software. In fact, it is one of the basic requirements for job roles like salesperson, cashiers, etc. So, you don’t want to miss out on any job with this criteria because you are not proficient in accounting software.

It can be learnt by anyone

You mustn’t have a degree in accounting to learn how to use accounting software. You can learn it as far as you have a good teacher to put you through.

How to identify a good accounting software school in Nigeria.

There are things you need to consider when you are looking for the best accounting software training school in Abuja, Nigeria. These tips will help you in making your choice of the best accounting software training school to learn Accounting Software in Abuja, Nigeria. Here are the tips to look out for:

Practical hands-on training service

Accounting software can be learnt with mere theories. This is why accounting graduates still enroll for additional courses to learn the software despite spending some years learning theories in school. Good accounting software will put you through practical step on accounting software so you can learn faster.

A project-based training

The best training school where you can learn accounting software in Abuja, Nigeria will ensure you complete a project in the course of the training. This will give a first-hand feel of how accounting software works.

A one-on-one training

Most schools are known to keep students in a crowded classroom but that is not the case when you get a good one. A good accounting software training school will assign a tutor to a student and ensure they get the best out of each student.

Avoid an overly cheap school

Over cheap school in Nigeria can mean a lot of things which may be negative. It can either mean the school cannot afford good tutors or they are just going to keep the student in an uncomfortable environment to maximize profit. All in all, they may just be after your money only. Avoiding schools with too cheap fees will be safe for you.

I am not insinuating you pay unnecessarily huge money to learn the accounting software but you need where you can get quality training equivalent to what you paid for. You can check online to find the cost of accounting software training in Nigeria.

Avoid schools with crowded classroom

Schools make use of crowded classroom when they can’t handle the number of students they admitted. Any good accounting software training school will organize their class into a one-on-one class. So, the student can learn better and faster.

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The Best Accounting Software Training School In Abuja

After rigorous scrutiny of training school to learn Accounting Software in Abuja, Nigeria, we suggest Bizmarrow Technologies.

Here is why.

Bizmarrow Technologies is one of the leading accounting software training schools in Nigeria. The school gives students practical hands-on knowledge of accounting software.

Bizmarrow accounting software courses covers Quickbook and Sage 50 Accounting software. The school also give accounting training to those with no background in accounting studies. Aside from having a physical classroom, Bizmarrow has an online class that allows you to learn remotely.

You can find Bizmarrow at their office in Gwarimpa Abuja or through their website and social media platform.

If you want the best training school to learn accounting software in Nigeria, then Bizmarrow is the best choice for accounting software training. Here is why;

Bizmarrow offers Project-based training

Bizmarrow accounting training courses ensure students create projects during classes. This will give them their first experience in accounting software. It is also an opportunity for them to have a portfolio of accounting projects.

Practical hands-on training

Bizmarrow offer accounting software classes where students are given practical hands-on training. It will help you learn the software better.

Experienced trainers

Bizmarrow trainers are experienced in handling a lot of accounting software. Learning from Bizmarrow allows you to create a connection with these professionals. The trainer will also mentor you till you are proficient in using the software.


HIIT is a renowned name in the IT world. The company was established in 1996, and have been training and certifying students on accounting software.

This company teaches accounting software from the basics, so you do not need to be an accountant graduate before enrolling for their courses.

HiiT head office is based in Wuse, Abuja but they also have their training Centre in other parts of the country.

Beta Computers Limited

Beta Computer Limited are one of the top training schools offering accounting software solutions. They have professionals that train and monitor clients on different accounting software. Their training classes take you from the basics down to the advanced level.

You can find Beta Computers Limited at their office in Lagos, Nigeria.

Leadway Training And Technology Institute

Leadway is also one of the top accredited schools in Nigeria. They train students in sage 50 and quick book accounting software. The school is equipped with staffs and equipment needed to train students on accounting software.

 Leadway does not have any prerequisite before they can train any individual on the software; they will admit any student with the desire to upgrade their career path to become a computer accountant. You can find Leadway at their office located in Wuse, Nigeria.


Competing for relevant positions today in Nigeria requires you to be the best in your field and to be the best, you need extra training from the best school to complement the knowledge you have acquired. This is why you need to train with Bizmarrow Technologies to equip with the skills you desire.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take the bold step and click on the link below to read more and register.

We can’t wait to have you!

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