Our “Modern” Educational System Is Destroying Creativity

If we make a simple survey of how many students enjoy studying at school and how many of them use the studied material later in life we would get tragic results that seem OK to us only because we are used to them. Kids hating school should not be the norm and the fact that we accept it as a normal part of life only shows how deeply our educational system’s inadequacy has screwed us up.

It’s high time we faced the facts with open minds, spotted the problems and fixed them (which might mean throwing away the old system and starting anew). Education should be enlightening, exciting, and empowering, and not something that resembles a torture chamber in a dark dungeon. So let’s try to spot what’s wrong.

The Problems

  1. It’s a legacy system
  2. Most of it is a waste of time
  3. The wrong public mindsets are perpetuated by this system
  4. One size never fitted all
  5. The grading system is based on the wrong values
  6. It values dry knowledge higher than applicable skills, progress, personality and creativity

I’ll tell you the mistakes we have made with our education system,

“Education” is not just defined as “school and textbooks and homework and tests.”

“Education” is not just Kindergarten…to PhD…and done.

“Education” is not enclosed to the prison of any one building, is not the responsibility of the lecturer way up at the front of the class.

“Education” is not just the highbrow, and it sure as hell isn’t reserved for the 1%.

In university, it’s the institution. It’s the students packed into a lecture hall with a professor at the front, worked out in the scientifically optimized ratio of one-thousand students to one teacher. It’s the interesting courses that have no value to your real-world career path, and then the boring ones that do. It’s the mechanical machinery of: cash and student in, debt and graduate out. When Pink Floyd said “we don’t need no education,” well, that’s a double-negative, son, so we really do need school to get an education – just not the kind of school we’ve been getting. Am I right? And that’s why we have disillusioned graduates with useless degrees.

Watch the video below and see what is really wrong with our educational systems

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