How Kiacops Mega Concept is re-engineering Preventive Healthcare Services in Nigeria

Kiacops Mega Concept is a Health Support outfit, a growing brand in Provision of Preventive Healthcare,  information and Education, and Provision of Personalized /Group Medical Care and Check-ups.
They offer Healthcare Training such as Basic and Advanced First Aid, Basic Life Support (For Healthcare Providers) and Antenatal Classes for Expectant Couples.

The Enterprise Mind had a rare opportunity to interview the CEO of Kiacops Mega Concept Mrs Olufisoye Modupe

According to her, In the light of the Emerging changes to Healthcare Approach, Preventive Measures are the safest ways to maintain optimal Health.

She also talked about the challenges they have faced and how they have been able to overcome them which aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from.


The Enterprise Mind      Welcome to the program. Please introduce yourself.

Guest: My name is Mrs. Olufisoye Modupe, and I am the CE0 of KIA Corps Mega Concept.

The Enterprise Mind      What is your business about?

Guest: Kia Corps operates as a health support outfit.  We provide preventive health care information to individuals, families, as well as corporate entities .We also offer personalized medical care and trainings, such as first aid , basic life support  and child care . Our goal is to create awareness about preventive health care and to promote the notion that prevention is better than cure.

The Enterprise Mind      When did the business begin, and how has the journey been so far?

Guest:  The business started in 2009. I would say that the Nigerian economy is somewhat hostile to business start-ups. An emerging entrepreneur would have to be courageous and determined to succeed. Moreover, everything seems to be connected: the financial environment holds some ties with the political environment, and only those who truly understand these relationships get ahead in the entrepreneurship race.

The Enterprise Mind      Funding seemed to be quite some challenge, was it?

Guest: Yes, it is a serious challenge. For example, when I started I had big ideas and imaginations on how it would look like. But with little or no finance, there is a limit to what extent you can go. For instance, one would have to secure an office space, pay utility bills, and all. You are somewhat restricted without finance, you know. So, I would say, yes, funding was quite some challenge.

The Enterprise Mind      Were there other challenges as well?

Guest:  Sure, there were.  We had trouble with the orientation and mindset of most people at that time. We still do now, but you know, it was somewhat frustrating back then.  The perspective of most people is that they do not need to visit the hospital or go for any medical exam until they are sick or come down with some symptoms, and we really had to struggle with that. We had to let them know that to be in best of shape they had to check themselves regularly, because there are aliments you can prevent and control before they get out of hand.

The Enterprise Mind      Do you think there could somehow be an easy way for startups to access funding in Nigeria?

Guest: There could be, maybe. You know in the banks they speak so much collateral grammar, and most emerging entrepreneurs find it difficult to meet up with their demands. It used to be that way for me in the past, but now, luckily for me, I am a beneficiary of the Federal Government scheme that grants loans to emerging entrepreneurs. For me, that was my first time of witnessing a government grant program that was free from the usual proposal or letter-writing processes. I was able to access and complete the online registration program without having to meet anyone or pass kola around. The selection was purely on merit and I was able to meet up with the criteria. The next question now becomes whether other entrepreneurs know about this government-funding program.

The Enterprise Mind      If you were to start all over again, what would you do differently?

Guest: Well, if I were to start all over again, I would not have wasted the first four years of my business looking for the kind of funding I was looking for, whichwas not even there. I would restructure completely, because I have access to better funding now, as well as greater opportunities with this platform. If I am to begin again, I would be bigger, better, strategic, and would move ahead 10 times faster than when I first started.


The Enterprise Mind      What is the secret of your success?

Guest: First, and most importantly, God. He is the source of my wealth.  Six months into the business, there was not any reasonable income that was coming in, but I had to keep paying the staff to keep them functional.  The business had to keep moving. So, God is my source of wealth. Secondly, I want to attribute my success to this platform. My thanks go to the Federal Government as well as the Federal Ministry of Finance for giving out grants to youths with innovative ideas. I have learnt every business strategy that I need to learn, and I am grateful for the skills and training. I do not believe in failure.

The Enterprise Mind      What do you look for in an employee?

Guest:  Intelligence. I need an employee that is smart and teachable: someone that has the drive to learn, has future prospects, and is willing to sacrifice—not someone looking for my office as his last bus stop— and when I encounter such persons, what I do is mentor and teach them to be better.

The Enterprise Mind      What advice do you have for startup founders?

Guest: I would say, go for it. Be passionate about it. Think differently; think about what you would do to add value to people; think about what people are interested in and take it to a completely new level. Would they be willing to pay you for your ideas? Also, ensure to have a good business mentor that will guide you along the way.

The Enterprise Mind      There are people with ideas and there are moments of doubts. How have you been able to push through?

Guest: I think passion has brought me this far. There is a saying that if you do not move, many people will suffer. So I really, like, had to push myself, get motivated and stand up to the task. If you are passionate about something, even when you encounter losses, it will not deter you. You have to see the positive aspect of things and just move past temporary setbacks. It is good to make money, but also make sure that you affecting lives positively.

The Enterprise Mind      What make your products and services stand out?

Guest: As I said earlier, we offer personalized healthcare services and trainings. Our service is a growing brand so we focus on entrepreneurs like ourselves, business chiefs, executives, and even individuals who do not frequent hospitals but still need to perform occasional medical checkups. We take data from clients and keep track of their medical records so that we are able to carry out future tests, analyze both previous and current data, and advise them correctly. We do everything we can to make sure our services are satisfactory.

We also train individuals on how to administer first aid treatments in cases of medical emergencies. We have customized first aid kits that look simple and unique.


The Enterprise Mind  How do you reach out to prospects?

Guest: We do that through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram has been our foremost means of advertising.

The Enterprise Mind      Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Guest: I see myself being able to do business with ease. I see expansions and increase as well branches scattered in all 36 States and beyond. I also want to use this time and opportunity to thank our loyal customers and supporters. Thank you so much for your patronage.

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