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The enterprise mind is a platform that encourages Nigerians both young and old alike to have enterprise mindset and become entrepreneurs..

Enterprise Mind

connecting practicing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs

The Enterprise Mind is a platform that encourages Nigerians both young and old alike to have enterprise mindset and become Entrepreneurs.  We connect practicing entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs together. Helping the aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from those already doing what they want to do, avoiding some of the mistakes they made, get encouraged and inspired to start their own business and grow it

We look into youth empowerment in Nigeria, skill acquisition in Nigeria, starting business in Nigeria, Funding your business, Marketing and sales and how to grow and make profit as a business person in Nigeria

We have resources that will help you start, grow, market, and fund your business. Our interview section –A CHAT WITH AN ACHIEVER will help you learn from those who have done what you want to do, learn from their experiences, success, failures etc

We believe that to address the challenges of unemployment, poverty, inequality and youth radicalism, our youth must be trained and encouraged to have an ENTERPRISE MINDSET. To achieve this, benefits of skill Acquisition, Entrepreneurship must be shared, with Ideas being turned into Actions..
We believe that through communication, commitment and conscience we can create a community which speaks with one voice. Our community will share, inspire, mentor, support and celebrate Africans who are willing to take the bold step into Entrepreneurship

We provide entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their product, and tell the world what they do

Why entrepreneurship matters

Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of thinking. It’s about understanding risk and opportunity, creative thinking, openness to innovation and it requires skill. Entrepreneurs instinctively ‘get’ collaboration; over time most develop sound business acumen and refine the art of negotiation.

Entrepreneurship should not be confined to the ‘starting of a business’. It isn’t in itself job creation. Job creation is the output of entrepreneurial Endeavour, and rightly so in this economic climate. Giving a young person an income and entrepreneurial skills means radically increasing their ability to realize their future potential as a business owner or an employee.

Let’s remember that cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset and skills, especially among young people, creates a movement of enterprising and flexible employees too, and both industry and society should support all young people that decide to try (and fail) their hand at being an entrepreneur. There’s no downside, especially if we recognize the skills and self-efficacy it takes to go on this particular journey.

Businesses can do a lot to foster a culture of entrepreneurship. Firstly they can recognize entrepreneurship, and actively recruit young people based on their potential to be internal change-makers. They should look to open up their supply chains or invest in small businesses, this can be done through simplification of the procurement process or open innovation challenges set up specifically for entrepreneurial ventures.

And lastly, with the rising numbers of young people around the world starting their own businesses, gaining access to mentors will become both urgent and important. Entrepreneurship is a mindset and a way of thinking.


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