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Then be a PIONEER #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellow of the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship Skills, University of Lagos. The #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellowship is a week-long practical and real life based scenario Workplace and Enterprise Readiness Program that will sharpen your insights/skills and enable you gain expert knowledge on what is obtainable in the real world of work and business.

#NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellows will attend a week-long program at the University of Lagos after which successful candidates will be shortlisted to the next stage where they get upgraded with added knowledge whilst we pair them to Institutions and organizations that aligns with their Career and Business Aspirations. Enterprise oriented #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellows will also be recommended (empowered) towards directions where they can get #Funding to push their Business Dreams.

#NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellowship resumes Sept 20th 2017 and will end on Sept 27th 2017. Participants will be responsible for their transportation. A globally recognized certificate will be issued to successful participants and #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellows will be inducted into the prestigious alumni Network of the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship Skills, University of Lagos.

#NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellowship STRICTLY targets Final Year Undergraduates, Fresh Graduates (2017), Corp Members and Unemployed Youths from all over Nigeria. Preference will be given to these category affiliated with the University of Lagos.

To become a #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT FELLOW, you must be a signed up member of the Nirmala Chellarams Centre for Entrepreneurship Skills:

register here for free: 

To register as a #NirmalaChellarams DASH-OUT Fellow: Send your full name, email, phone number, status and how you want to attend(in class or on line) to any of the numbers here 08138922340, or 09059620307

Application deadline is September 15th , 2017

DASH Fellows will be announced by September 16  2017 by 12 noon . you can be IN CLASS or ONLINE PARTICIPANT


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