‘Fuel Subsidy Is Gone’, President Tinubu Declares In Inaugural Speech

In a resounding declaration, Nigeria’s newly elected President, Bola Tinubu, announced that the era of fuel subsidy payments has reached its conclusion.

‘Fuel Subsidy Is Gone’, President Tinubu Declares In Inaugural Speech

The 2023 Budget unveiled a notable absence of provisions for fuel subsidies, and President Tinubu asserts that justifying such payments is no longer viable. This transformative decision sets the stage for a revamped economic landscape.

President Tinubu’s inaugural speech resonated with a fervent commitment to attracting fresh foreign direct and local investments by addressing the issue of multiple taxation.

As an advocate for economic progress, he reassured investors that these burdensome levies would undergo meticulous review, fostering an environment ripe for financial growth. Bolstering this pledge, he made a bold promise to generate one million jobs within the burgeoning digital economy.

Moreover, drawing on his illustrious tenure as the former governor of Lagos State, President Tinubu pledged to eradicate terrorism and criminality that have long plagued the nation.

With utmost priority placed on security, he vowed to overhaul the existing security architecture, augment the deployment of security personnel, provide comprehensive training, and equip them with cutting-edge resources.

Through these ambitious measures, he aims to establish an unassailable fortress against threats to national well-being.

Eliminating extreme poverty stands at the forefront of President Tinubu’s mission. His vision entails ensuring an abundance of food, fostering inclusivity for women and youths, and combating corruption.

As he unequivocally affirmed during his inaugural speech at the esteemed Eagle Square, “The fuel subsidy is gone.” This definitive statement reflects the unwavering determination of Nigeria’s 16th President to redirect financial resources towards pivotal areas such as infrastructure, bolstering the economy from within.

Under President Tinubu’s astute leadership, a unified exchange rate will be firmly established, engendering stability and predictability within the economic framework.

This visionary stride will lay the groundwork for holistic development and the cultivation of a robust Gross Domestic Product through strategic job creation.

Additionally, President Tinubu acknowledged the prevalent issue of exorbitant interest rates and asserted his administration’s commitment to conducting a thorough review, aiming to rectify this imbalance.

In conclusion, President Tinubu’s inaugural address set an optimistic tone, brimming with enthusiasm and determination.

His decisive stance on ending fuel subsidies, coupled with his unwavering focus on security, economic growth, poverty alleviation, and combating corruption, instills hope for a brighter future for Nigeria. As the 16th President, he embarks on a transformative journey, aiming to reshape the nation’s destiny and uplift the lives of its people.

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