Career opportunities in video editing

Video editing has seen a new dawn. It is getting more recognition than ever. Skill in video editing is definitely a must-have for anyone who enjoys the fun that comes with a good video. If you love editing and playing around with raw video or footage, telling stories that captivate your audience, creating 3D videos, and creating animations, you should consider pursuing a career in video editing.

A professional in video editing works alongside other personnel and camera operators to carefully edit videos to suit the purpose and goal of such video work.

Video editing has many areas in which one could specialize. You can create captivating and engaging videos to entertain, educate, enlighten, and put a smile on the faces of your viewers and audience.

Let’s get candid here. Video editing is fun, exciting, and a breath of fresh air.

Can you imagine a world without all of the videos we see today? Imagine living without all of the movies, comedy videos, documentaries, and cartoons, to mention but a few.

Video editing plays a key role in production. The level of one’s skill will determine the quality and end result of such a video. A video editor will work closely with the director of the movie to reach the desired result.

The manual methods of cutting and editing videos and others have been gradually replaced with more sophisticated editing software and tools.

Skill in video editing will allow you to get creative and tell stories in a way that has never been told before, while other times, you might need to be hands-on with another production machine.

What is a career in video editing?

A career in video editing entails working with sophisticated technical tools and machines in a creative way to capture and cut recorded content into entertaining visuals. Feelings that are heartwarming, joyful, captivating, intriguing, and emotional are captured.

A video editor will basically source quality clips, pictures, and angles that best convey the organization’s or brand’s message to its audience.

Video editing can also involve incorporating audio files into visuals to convey a message that educates or entertains the audience.

A video editor is meant to tell stories via visuals. Putting together a couple of pieces of footage could be a task, but the end result is always satisfying. This story could be from a client or the video editor’s employer. The workload of a video editor could be simple or complex, depending on the project. Some video editors even have to work at night and during the weekend if the task at hand comes with a deadline or is really challenging.

The day-to-day life of a video editor.

A video editor can freelance or work with a small team. When it comes to mega-videos such as movies, a video editor works with producers, graphic designers, editors, directors, and many others.

Most often, all of these people could work remotely from their homes before putting everything together. This makes video editing one of the best digital skills that one could acquire and freelance or work from home.

As a video editor, you could work on wedding videos, films, and business commercials, find YouTube gigs, and make videos of adventures, tutorials, etc.

Basic skills in video editing

Most video editors have good knowledge of software use and can effectively capture, trim, edit, and edit videos. Having this skillset is good and would land you good jobs. Being efficient in using the editing programs is good and will make the work less tedious.

In addition to the above-stated skills, there are other skills required in video editing, and they include:

  1. Ability to adapt: videos may not be shot in one environment. A video editor should be able to adapt to various environments to enable him or her to function well.
  • Problem-solving skillset: a lot of challenges come with video editing. Both environmental and human factors. A video editor should be able to handle all of these problems.
  • Ability to manage time: Video editing is not a job for dull or lazy people. You must be able to manage your time. No lagging. A video editor must be up and running.
  • Creative ability: what is a video without all of the “wow” and ‘oh”? A video editor needs to be creative.
  • Interrelationship: in video editing, you will meet people with different personalities. A video editor should possess the necessary skills to communicate effectively.

Job opportunities for video editing

  1. Animation video editor: A video editor can work as an animator. This editor uses good techniques and tools to create animated images and uses them to tell stories, especially as cartoons. These videos can be for movies, TV shows, brand commercials, and video games.
  2. Brand marketing editor: this video editor creates videos that are educative and informative for marketing purposes to capture the attention of the targeted audience. They may have to work with other professionals if it is a big organization. But if it is a small brand, the video editor may have to do the editing work by themselves.

The edited video has to reflect what the brand stands for and its product. The end result should also follow the company’s rules and regulations.

  • Reality TV video editor: not to scare you, but do you see this role? It is really tedious. A video editor for reality TV shows has loads of videos to cut and edit.

You have to be a full-time editor to effectively do a good job in reality TV video editing. There are loads of opportunities in this field, and the editors for this role are constantly sought after.

  • Documentary video editor: when it comes to documentary videos, the editor has to craft the story himself. The editor has to focus more on storytelling than creativity; this role is not so easy to master. It takes a lot of hard work and years of training to master this editing skill.
  • Music video editor: “Whew”. A lot goes into music production and video editing. You have to start with a blank sheet. You have to be really creative and willing to experiment in order to create fun, exciting, and captivating music videos that sell. Most video editors usually start from here and scale up.
  • Social content video editor: if you easily get tired of working on a long project, this one is for you. This kind of video takes a couple of days, hours, or even minutes to finish up.

Most businesses use editors in this field for their social media content videos. As a social content video editor, you can never run out of a job. Let’s just say that this is a way to improve your crafts and get paid.

 Where can you work as a video editor?

There are a lot of job opportunities for video editors. You can work for a TV station, advertising companies, video studios, film production firms, or gaming companies, or you can even work as a freelancer.

What are the skills I need to acquire in order to succeed in video editing?

To excel in the video editing industry, you have to be efficient in computer usage, possess the ability to adapt to various environments, know how to communicate, pay attention to every detail, be time conscious, and solve problems.

Must I attend college or have a degree to become a successful video editor?

You must not possess a degree before acquiring a skill in video editing. Having a degree is good, but it is not a yardstick to determine who will make a good video editor. You just need to enroll in a good institute and get trained by an expert in practical, hands-on training.

What is the level of education required for video editing?

Anyone can be creative and excel in video editing. You can pursue a career in video editing, irrespective of your educational background. Just register, take a course in video editing, and get certified.

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