100% FREE AI Art Generator: Microsoft Bing AI Art Generator Tools

Would you like to have 100% FREE AI Art Generator, then Microsoft Bing AI Art Generator Tools is here for you

Bing Image Creator, powered by the DALL-E image generator tool, has been around since March 2023. But OpenAI’s latest version, DALL-E 3, is significantly more advanced, making Image Creator more capable and realistic.

100% FREE AI Art Generator: Microsoft Bing AI Art Generator Tools

FREE AI Art Generator

You have to be a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise user to access DALL-E 3 or earlier versions directly through OpenAI. But it’s completely free via Bing Image Creator in exchange for a Microsoft account (also free), which isn’t a bad deal at all. The Bing AI Free Art Generator is a cutting-edge product designed to help users generate AI images using DALL-E technology. With just a text prompt, the AI will produce a set of images that match your description, making it a fantastic free AI art generator for everyone.

Image Creator isn’t perfect. AI-generated images still occasionally contain the terrifying warped hands and eyes, and it hasn’t yet nailed depictions of text. But it’s a major improvement from previous versions, which means the potential for creating AI-generated images — for better or worse — is far-ranging and real.

How to use Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is FREE AI Art Generator, but there’s a catch. When you get started, you’re given a number of “boosts,” which makes image processing work faster, thus limiting high-speed usage to a finite amount. One boost equals one image. So when you run out, Image Creator will run slower. You can get more boosts by redeeming Microsoft Rewards, a loyalty program for using its products. So even when you run out of boosts, you’re not out of luck.

To start using Bing Image Creator, you’ll first need to create a Microsoft account on account.microsoft.com. These are the steps you need to follow to generate images in Bing chat:

Open Microsoft Edge, log in to your Microsoft account, and go to Bing.com/chat. You can also click the Chat button at the top of the page on Bing.com.

Under the header that reads “Choose a conversation style,” click on More Creative. The tool is only available in Creative mode for now, but Microsoft says that it plans to bring Bing Image Creator to Balanced mode and Precise mode in the future.

In Bing Chat, start your prompt with “create an image of…” or “generate an image of…” and then describe what you’re looking for. On the Image Creator website, simply type a description of the image you want. It doesn’t have to be long, but the more descriptive the prompt, the better the result. Microsoft recommends using “adjectives, locations, even artistic styles such as ‘digital art’ and ‘photorealistic.'”

Even if you are in the preview, Microsoft says that it’s “rolling out Bing Image Creator in a phased approach by flighting with a set of preview users before expanding more broadly.” In other words, it might not work. I couldn’t get Bing to create an image for me even though I’m in the preview. If you’re in the same boat, there is a way to access the tool without Bing chat.

How to use Bing Image Creator in any browser

If you aren’t in the Bing preview (or you just don’t want to use the Edge browser), here’s what you need to do to access Bing Image Creator from any browser and the easiest steps we have tried:

Go to Bing.com/create in your browser.

Sign in to your Microsoft account.

Enter a description of an image you’d like to see and hit the Create button.

Wait while the AI creates your image. Everyone has access to a limited number of boosts per day to speed up the process. Once you run out of boosts, image generation may take longer, but you can redeem Microsoft Rewards for additional boosts.

Once the process is done, you will see four images reflecting your prompt. When you click on one, you will have the option to share, save, download, or offer feedback on the image. Bing Image Creator will save all of your recent creations in the sidebar to the right.

What to do if Bing Image Creator isn’t working

If you don’t get an accurate rendering of the image you request, try being more specific with your prompt. Also, it’s still a new model and won’t always get it right. If you get blocked with a content warning, that means somehow your prompt violated Bing’s content policy. You can report it if you think it was wrongly blocked. If your image seems to be taking a long time to process, you could be out of boosts, but it should be generated within a few minutes.

Writing Better Prompts for Image Generation and FREE AI Art Generator

To generate amazing images with Bing’s Image Creator, it’s essential to provide detailed and creative prompts. Bing suggests using a combination of adjectives, nouns, verbs, and styles to create more effective prompts.

The more specific and imaginative your prompts are, the better the AI-generated images will align with your vision.

10 fun prompts to get you started

1.        Futuristic, cityscape, reflecting sunset, concept art

2.        Ancient, Egyptian temple, adorned with hieroglyphs, photorealistic

3          Friendly, robot, serving coffee, 3D render

4.        Surreal, underwater garden, filled with glowing plants, digital painting

5.        Steampunk, airship, soaring above forest, CGI

6.        Haunted, Victorian mansion, shrouded in fog, gothic art

7.        Abstract, geometric pattern, illuminated in neon colors, vector design

8.        Cyberpunk, city street, bustling with neon signs, matte painting

9.        Majestic, mountain range, basking in sunrise, landscape photography

10.      Minimalist, black and white, architectural design, 3D render

11.      Vibrant, tropical beach, dotted with palm trees, watercolor painting

12.      Enchanted, forest, teeming with magical creatures, fantasy art

13.      Solar system, planets, orbiting in alignment, educational illustration

14.      Retro, diner, surrounded by vintage cars, 1950s Americana

15.      Realistic, portrait, depicting a historical figure, oil painting

FREE AI Art Generator

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